Mandate and function

The Mariveles Mental Wellness and General Hospital (MMWGH) serves as a Department of Health hospital, catering to the mental health needs of Northern and Central Luzon. Currently operating under a Level 1 license (LTO No. 03-0171-24-H1-1), with 18 beds, MMWGH also offers essential add-on services including a 500-bed custodial psychiatric care unit, type-1 ambulance service, secondary clinical laboratory, HIV-testing laboratory, and pharmacy.
On Apnl 12, 2019, a significant milestone was achieved with the signing of Republic Act No. 11288 by President Rodrigo Duterte. This legislation, entitled "increasing the Bed Capacity of the Mariveles Mental Hospital in Mariveles, Bataan from Five Hundred (500) Beds to Seven Hundred (700) Beds Upgrading tts Services, to include the Operation of a Level 1 General Ward with One Hundred (100) Bed Capacity, to be known as the Mariveles Mental Wellness and General Hospital and Appropriating Funds Therefor," mandates the expansion of MMWGH's capacity and services. Consequently, the obtainment of the Level 1 LTO in November 30 marks the partial fulfillment of its mandates which is to establish services for a level 1 General Hospital.
On November 30, MMWGH achieved a partial fulfillment of its mandates with the attainment of the Level 1 License to Operate (LTO), marking progress towards establishing servces for a 100-beds Level 1 General Hospital.
Presently, MMWGH is actively engaged in signifcant initiatives aimed at enhancing and broadening its services. These include the construction of infrastructure projects, recruitment of additional human resources for health, and procurement of necessary medical equipment, among other endeavors.
These efforts underscore MMWGH's unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible mental and medical healthcare services, thus contributing significantly to the wellbeing of Mariveleños, and the broader communities of Northern and Central Luzon.