2015 Procurement - Public Bidding

No.DescriptionClosing Date
07Four Wheel Passenger Van Type Vehicle10/21/2015
06Expansion of HOPSS Building09/14/2015
05Improvement of Dietary Cooking Area09/14/2015
04Drugs and Medicines01/05/2015
03Food Stuff01/05/2015
02Medical Supplies and Laboratory Instruments01/05/2015
01Drugs and Medicines01/05/2015


2015 Procurement - Request for Quotation

No.DescriptionClosing Date
018LPG 50 kg/cylinder06/11/2015
017Gang Chair03/11/2015
016BP Apparatus03/11/2015
015Laryngoscope Kit03/11/2015
014Work Station with Reception Table03/11/2015
013Office Equipment03/11/2015
012LED TV 60″ & 50″03/11/2015
011Office Equipment03/11/2015
010Executive Table and Chair03/11/2015
009Washing Machine and Dryer )03/11/2015
008LED TV 32″03/11/2015
007Food Stuff02/19/2015
006LPG Cooking Gas02/18/2015
005IT Equipment02/18/2015
004IT Equipment02/20/2015